Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Vedran is a New York City based artist with passions for ink drawing, media arts, and street art. His intricate and symbolic works are drawn using ink markers, and they examine the dimensions of human spirit and the complex world that it inhabits. Using both tribal and psychedelic motifs, his drawings explore the metaphysical, and seek to capture the often-imperceptible geometric systems that permeate through all of nature. While these works stem from the ideas and experiences of adult introspection, they are layered with vibrant colors and fantastical elements, aiming to evoke a childlike awe of the magic and mystery of the world.

Vedran’s works have been exhibited at galleries in New York and California, and used by clients such as Adobe Systems Inc. and Rip Curl. Print and online features include Huffington Post, Super Paper, Hyperallergic, INDIE magazine, Visual News, etc. Vedran holds BFA in Graphic Design from NYIT and has completed various art classes at the School of Visual Arts.