Born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia, I am a New York City based artist with a strong passion for ink and pencil drawings, as well as digital collages and street art. I enjoy obsessing over the detail, playing with the devil, blurring the lines of time and our perceived reality. 

The experience of living trough a war at a young age altered my perceptions, permanently heightening my impressions of the world around me. Living hyper-aware of the suffering of so many, while in an almost constant awe of the magic of simply being alive. Some works are reflections of my months long ruminations, while others are barely just snippets of some passing emotion. And the slowly growing collection of portraits is a nod of appreciation to the people whose way of thinking has inspired mine.

Using tribal and psychedelic motifs, these drawings seek to capture a single moment in the constant change of life. Inspiration for symbolism stems from abundant metaphysical beliefs of ancient civilizations, such as that of Ancient Egypt. Societies which imaginatively celebrated the connection between the mankind and the cosmos. The use of intricate patterns and bold colors are inspired by the arts and architecture encountered during my travels through the Asian and South American countries.

My drawings have been exhibited at galleries in New York and California. I’ve had a pleasure of creating art for clients such as Adobe, Rip Curl, Winsor & Newton, and have had features in Huffington Post, Super Paper and INDIE magazine, among others. Having graduated with BFA in Graphic Design from NYIT, I continue to explore and experiment by taking silkscreen and painting classes at the School of Visual Arts, and painting murals when given an opportunity.